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Re: Pronunciation Question

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> [...] Latin "capitus"

Actually, that noun is a bit irregular, it's caput, genetive capitis, plural
capita, and it's neutral. Related to "head" and poetic German "Haupt" (also

> A similar thing with the "Keratopsians" isn't it?

There have always been pedants. The guy who (invalidly) renamed
*Kentrosaurus* as *Kentrurosaurus* did so because he pronounced the former
the same as *Centrosaurus*. (Etymologically it's certainly identical, but
only spelling counts for ICZN.)

> Lt "cornus"

Just cornu. One of the weirdest neutral nouns. Genetive cornus, rest of the
singular cornu again, plural cornua.

About the original question... of course I won't mess with how to pronounce
scientific names _in English_, or with the problem if such a thing is
possible/useful/.... Miscommunication is possible e. g. on international
congresses like SVP meetings, because most people with other mother tongues
will pronounce all consonants. Though it won't be so extreme as in the First
Vaticanic Council (1870) when all the cardinals spoke Latin and nobody
understood the cardinals from UK. :-)