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Re: Pronunciation Question (kinda short)

> all Latin v's are pronounced "w";

Depends on how old our Latin is. We've had that thread (with almost every
new name...), I've learnt much, and I don't want to repeat such off-topic
stuff here. If it's really classical, if we want to imitate Caesar, then it
is w.

> ph, th, and ch (or kh) are pronounced like p, t, and k with an extra puff
of air (NOT like f, English th, and [...] German ch);

Depends on time again, contemporary Greek pronounces all three as explained
under NOT, but I have no idea when these changes happened. (Must have been
before the Cyrillic script was invented in the 9th century for phi and chi,
though; could have been a bit later for theta, but not much, because in
Russian words that have come from Greek with christianization from the 9th
century onwards, it's pronounced f, and since 1917 it's also written as
such, with a letter derived from phi.)
        Most kh in scientific names are meant to be Russian, Mongolian,
Arabic or else, and therefore are more or less like German ch. (Rather
Alemannic ch in most cases. :-) )

> (ignoring dialectal variation in both languages).

Which is unknown for Latin, isn't it? :-)