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Dubious Anniversary

Today, September 7th (at least on this side of the date line) is the
66th anniversary of the death of the last known captive Thylacine. It is
also National Threatened Species day here in Australia (which is sort of
like having "terrorist awareness day" on September 11th, I suppose). The
female thylacine known as "Benjamin" (I guess no-one cared to look too
closely) lived a record 12 years and 7 months in captivity, probably
making her around 13 years old when she died - probably around the
maximum life span of a wild thylacine.

If you're interested in Australia's threatened species (or just want a
hunting trophy that will be the envy of all your red-neck friends), go
to http://www.wwf.org.au/tsn/ where you can download "fact sheets" on
these maladaptive wastes of breath... ah, I mean these wonderful but
threatened creatures.

Not exactly dino-related, I know, but the subject of extinction was
implied, and you can download one of these dubiously-named "fact sheets"
about the Swift Parrot, which IS a theropod after all. :)


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