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Dinosaur Genera List update #192

Feathered Dinosaurs and the Origin of Flight, S. J. Czerkas, ed., The 
Dinosaur Museum Journal 1: vi + 136 pp.

This new book from the Dinosaur Museum in Blanding, Utah, is out, and it 
contains four new genera that have been added to the Dinosaur Genera List, 
becoming #953-956:

Archaeovolans Czerkas & Xu, 2002* [bird, originally part of Archaeoraptor 
specimen; PSS -> Yanornis]
Cryptovolans Czerkas, Zhang, J. Li & Y. Li, 2002
Omnivoropteryx Czerkas & Ji Q., 2002
Scansoriopteryx Czerkas & Yuan, 2002

Two new pterosaurs are described in the book as well: Utahdactylus kateae and 
Pterorhynchus wellnhoferi.

I have also begun another >Dinosaur Project< that I'm calling The Dinosaur 
Catalogue. If I ever finish it (and right now I'm enthusiastically putting 
lots of time into it, so I probably will, but I still have about 900 entries 
to compile), I'll see about having it published somewhere. Here are the 
present Dinosaur Catalogue entries for these four new genera. I hope the 
notations are easy to understand; unfortunately, a lot of information is also 
encoded in the typography (centering, boldface, small caps, type size, 
special characters) and some of this will be lost in email transmission. When 
the Catalogue is complete, every named dinosaur species, whether synonym or 
not, will have its own entry, similar to these. (Renamings will, however, be 
simple references to the presently accepted names of the species.) I 
published form I hope to have each major entry accompanied by a Tracy Ford 
picture of the hypodigm APK.

APK notation for hypodigm: "approximate percent known." APK:a/b compactly 
denotes that about a% of the skull anatomy is known for this species, and b% 
of the postcranial anatomy. Thanks to wife Andrea for helping me to boil this 
concept down to just a couple of letters and numbers a few evenings ago.

    Archaeovolans Czerkas & Xu, 2002
    Possible junior subjective synonym of Yanornis (Czerkas & Xu, 2002)
    Nondinosaurian: Bird
Archaeovolans repatriatus Czerkas & Xu, 2002â*
    Possible junior subjective synonym of Yanornis martini (Czerkas & Xu, 
    Lower Cretaceous > Jiufotang Fm.
    Asia > China > Liaoning Prov. > Chaoyang Cty. > Xiasanjiazi(?)
    IVPP V12444: A nearly complete semiarticulated skeleton, missing the tail 
and parts of the pelvis and hindlimbs, in slab and counterslab
    Hypodigm APK:90/80: Holotype specimen only; the feet and lower hindlimbs 
may not belong with the other parts of the specimen (Czerkas & Xu, 2002)
    Listed here because the holotype specimen was once part of the composite 
specimen called Archaeoraptor liaoningensis, a dromaeosaurid theropod (cf.)

    Cryptovolans Czerkas, Zhang, J. Li & Y. Li, 2002
    Crytovolans Czerkas, Zhang, J. Li & Y. Li, 2002: Misspelling
    Theropoda > Tetanurae > Coelurosauria > Maniraptora > Deinonychosauria > 
Cryptovolans pauli Czerkas, Zhang, J. Li & Y. Li, 2002â
    Lower Cretaceous > Upper Jiufotang Fm.
    Asia > China > Liaoning Prov. > Chaoyang City > Shangheshou
    LPM 0200/0201: Slab and counterslab of a crushed virtually complete 
skeleton with feather impressions, missing parts of a pes and a manus
    Hypodigm APK:100/99: LPM 0159 headless postcranial skeleton in slab, 
missing cervicals and caudals, with feather impressions; and scattered bones 
in holotype specimen of Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum; in addition to holotype 

    Omnivoropteryx Czerkas & Ji Q., 2002
    Theropoda > Tetanurae > Coelurosauria > Maniraptora > Oviraptorosauria > 
Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum Czerkas & Ji Q., 2002â
    Lower Cretaceous > Upper Jiufotang Fm.
    Asia > China > Liaoning Prov. > Chaoyang City > Shangheshou
    CAGS02-IG-gausa-3/DM 609: Nearly complete skeleton in matrix, missing 
portions of cervicals, coracoids, sternum, portions of scapula, and distal 
portions of one wing; slab also includes scattered bones tentatively referred 
to Cryptovolans
    Hypodigm APK:100/90: Holotype skeleton only
    Described as a primitive bird in its own order Omnivoropterygiformes, 
this genus seems closely related to Caudipteryx and is here tentatively 
classified as a volant oviraptorosaurian

    Scansoriopteryx Czerkas & Yuan, 2002
    Theropoda > Tetanurae > Coelurosauria > Maniraptora > Scansoriopterygidae
Scansoriopteryx heilmanni Czerkas & Yuan, 2002â
    Early Cretaceous > Jehol Grp. > Yixian Fm.
    Asia > China > Liaoning Prov. > Lingyuan City > Dawangzhanzi
    CAGS02-IG-gausa-1/DM 607: Partial skeleton including posterior half of 
skull and lower jaws, forelimb elements, partial pelvic girdle and hindlimb 
elements, and feather impressions 
    Hypodigm APK:50/50: Holotype skeleton only

Additions and corrections to the above entries would be most appreciated. 
Please note that I want to keep things as compact as possible (although, of 
course, sometimes compactness is just not possible).