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Dinosaur Museum Journal

I am a little confused:
>From the abstracts the finds of Czerkas et al seem to
be of profound importance to understand a variety of
evolutionary issues. Why could they not publish it in
more accessible journals where such findings get
routinely published. Is is because peer-review in
those journals may kill queer ideas like Dromeosaurs
not being dinosaurs? or is it because there is
something not really kosher about these fossils (as in
Archaeoraptor)? I hope at least amidst paleotologists
peer-review is not kill rival's papers but to aid
creating a better end-product...

I see two problems, most institutions may not receive
this new journal (especially in places like China or
Mongolia) so a large number of people cannot read and
assess those finds. Second, paleontology is not a
field like molecular biology where there are that many
new finds that we need many new journals. Even the
great JVP is published rather infrequently. Going by
Czerkas' the abstracts each of their papers may have
easily made it to JVP- why was this not done? Why a
flying dromeosaur or a pterosaur with a complex
integument would have even made it to the tabloids
like Science or Nature. After that one could always
write a book for the general public.

Is it just me or others who are a little puzzled by
this mode of publishing such critical finds.

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