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Re: Pronunciation Question

It also depends on which country you come from. In french, you do pronounce
the P in *Pterodactyl* or any other name begining with PT, as well as
*Gnatosthomes* is pronounced with a soft  gn sound (as in news)

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> In a message dated 9/6/02 8:11:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
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> << As most people pronounce the "P" in Archaeopteryx, and the "G" in
>  Compsognathus, miscommunication is unlikely. >>
> Does anyone out there say "helicopter" without pronouncing the "p"? I
> it will make people look at you funny.
> For that matter, the first time I heard "cephalopod" with a hard "c" I
> wondered about that, but IIRC it's from the Greek "kephalos" (cognate with
> Latin "capitus"), so it probably OUGHT to be pronounced with "kephalopod"
> I've never heard that from an American. A similar thing with the
> "Keratopsians" isn't it? Anyone up for "Rhinokeros"? (Gk "keras" : Lt
> "cornus").
> (my apologies in advance for any bad transliteration)
> Chip