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RE: Dinosaur Museum Journal

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Tracy Ford (dino.hunter@cox.net) wrote:

<Anyone, any museum, any library can order it.>

  I think Ekaterina was talking about the _validity_ or _value_ of the
volume, not the accessibility. You won;t find my local library carrying
Mao's Red Book or Hitler's Mein Kampf. There was controversy about
Machiavelli's The Prince, because it was "Fascist propaganda" and some
volumes on teaching kids about gay parents (which it carries); but I doubt
it would ever carry a volume individually published.... I think it needs
an ISSN or ISBN ... does it?<<

ISBN 1932075011

<The quality of printing for one thing, the color photo's another (which
JVP doesn't do, or really many other publications for that matter). It's
better this way, believe me.>

  Actually, JVP does do color photos ... big example, the *Khaan* and
*Citipati* paper. The Witmer SVP Memoir also included several color
prints. I do not think JVP charges more for color, but other papers
certainly would. The Auk also appears to publish color prints.<<

Oh yea, they do....

<After the Archaeoraptor debacle, I doubt either one would publish his
work for now.>

  But he _did_ publish, didn't he?<<

I'm sorry, he shouldn't have? Should he just put his tail between his legs
and hide? This seems to be the ongoing idea for him I get from a lot of

>> Now to see if Olson's article in
_Backbone_ has any form of legality of publication. As a newsletter, it
was excluded by the Third Edition, but I am not sure....<<

Thought this was a dead issue (so to speak).

<Don't be puzzled, we need more volumes like this, not less.>

>>  I agree. I wish _DinoPress_ was still up, hearing of it being
discontinued with the main editor's (Inouke) recent passing --- we need
someone to help keep it up. The latest issue of _Oryctos_ has been in prep
for over a year, so I fear it will fail as well. _Hunteria_ was delayed
for four years between issues of the third volume, and then died.<<

Le Loeuff told me it should be published soon (Oryctos that is), but that
was a few months ago...Hunteria was Bakker's baby, and well...

  >>What I worry about otherwise, is that in this latest publication, every
article is authored by Czerkas, and as primary author.... I fear this
"journal" may become a forum for his ideas, and would like to see it kick
off as a _bone fide_ journal, but am not certain.<<

So, it's his research. Let me guess, he shouldn't publish his work? I think
a lot of people would like to see him just fade away...He does make some
valid suggestions (some I agree with others I don't) but to have this idea
that he's a hack and shouldn't do paleontology is off base as far as I'm
concerned. (Yes I know you didn't mean it that way, it's what I get from


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