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Re: Dinosaur Museum Journal

You know... I'm actually mildly disturbed that someone would have a problem 
with the publication of this book.... Speaking as an outsider... As in someone 
who has no direct contact with this field, (even though he would like to do 
nothing but work within and on this subject)... I'd have to say that I 
seriously do not care how and who publishes new finds, ideas, theories, 
analyses, etc... As long as I can get my claws on them,... As long as I 
understand that the people involved are indeed knowledgeable and respectable in 
their trade, (as I always have seen the Czerkas as being, never mind with the 
backing of the Chinese co-authors)... I am one very, very happy guy. Get your 
information out... It's all that I ask... I am far from one who is dismissing 
peer review... But I tell you what... Peer reviewed or not... I'll use other 
resources, ask my questions to other experts, etc,... so that I can decide for 
myself whether or not what was presented, regardless of what publication !
 was in, was in fact agreeable.... not only to my own investigations... but to 
the theories, opinions, data, and points of views of others in the field.

And that's my 2 cents...