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Re: Epidendrosaurus Phylogenetic Discussion Pt. 2

A fascinating note...

>         `--+--+--Harpymimus
>            |  |--Pelecanimimus
>            |  |--Garudimimus
>            |  `--+--Struthiomimus
>            |     `--Gallimimus

Harpymimus, Garudimimus come out about as primitive as
Pelecanimimus ? I thought that the latter had many
primitive features that should make it the sister
group of all other O'mimosaurs?

>                                 |--Conchoraptor
>                                 `--GI 100/42

What is this GI 100/42? Was Nomingia included? Also
for Cheirostenotes and Avimimus, did you include the
new (unpublished?) specimens. Have you all included
Scansoriopteryx too? What are the Synapomophies of the
oviraptorosaur clade that Avimimus shows?

> frequently found: 3) a basal Eumaniraptoran
> position; 4) a sister-group
> relationship with *Rahonavis* and other variations
> on the second position;
> 5) and a sister-group to the
> oviraptorosaur-segnosaur group.

There seems to be a strong biomodal fit for
Epi'den'saurus the distribution of your trees.. is
that correct? Would this mean there is some possiblity
of chimerism of this specimen as Dr. Holtz had
obliquely hinted


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