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warm blooded, then extinct

Extinction of big reptiles including most dinosaurs 65 million years ago may
be related of warm blood of at least some of them.
Warm blooded animals have a much faster metabolism than cold blooded ones,
so that they need much more food in order to sustain their lives. Bigger
animals also need more food for obvious reasons. Whatever the primary cause
of the extinction was, it most probably passed through an interruption of
food chains with the consequent starvation of animals. Only some small size
warm blooded animals, such as mammals and early birds were able to survive,
while some big size cold blooded ones such as crocodiles were also survivors
due to their specially low metabolic rate and food needs, and probably to
their ability to eat dead animals (and there were a lot of them for some
time). According to this idea the starvation was around from a few months to
about one year. So extinction appears as another evidence supporting
endothermy of at least some dinosaurs.
What do you think about?
Any feed back will be welcome. If you wish, you can reply directly to
 casado.j@ carburos .com
Thanks for your attention

Juan Casado