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Re: Libraries and Journals (was RE: Dinosaur Museum Journal)

On Tuesday, September 10, 2002, at 01:48 AM, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

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ekaterina A

I agree Mr Ford that we need more dinosaur
Why not make JVP a monthly then? Are they so strapped
for cash that they cannot print it monthly?

Oh my goodness, YES!!!

I'm guessing that most of the folks on this list have no real feel for how
"on the edge" most scientific societies are in trying to do the work they do
(such as publish quality work, help fund research, etc.). Perhaps if the
Society were to double its fees (and, magically, not lose a substantial
number of members) it could publishe more often.

Would web-based publication help ease the situation? Most journals are printed AND published online - surely an expensive way to go. Maybe a few web-only journals could be the solution (and cheapish?).

As for a new dinosaur publication, maybe the DML would be a good place to start. I mean, many of us seem to have way too much time in our hands. ;-)

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