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RE: 10% For Paleontology

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* Maybe some legislation specifying that every dinosaur-inspired movie or
> television show conribute 10% of the gross to actual paleontological
> research.... ;-)

Very good idea!!! Imagine if Horner, or whoever will be the advisor to JP4,
says either they pay or he won't contribute... I almost think they'd pay!
:-) Might be enough to make a monthly out of JVP for several years, if JP4
is going to be as good as the powers that be say.<<

Oh, you poor diluted fools. There is NO way, no way, that would ever happen.
Hollywood would never do that. They've had their chance, and they won't
because the movies make money and THEY get it all, that is all they are
interested in, making money for themselves. I know lots of people who work
in the industry and hear all kinds of horror stories about Hollywood. JP has
a web site and they don't get very much support from the movie company. I've
talked to them about it.

It'll never happen folks, so stop thinking that it will.

Tracy L. Ford
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