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Re: 10% For Paleontology

*creeps out of her until-now-permanent lurk* Speaking
of famous dino researchers in the media, did anyone
else catch Bob Bakker on last night's episode of Space
Ghost, Coast to Coast? He had about 5 seconds to show
off a real nice Tsintaosaurus skull before Zorak
zapped him. And they say cartoons won't teach you
anything :)


--- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:
> > Oh, you poor diluted fools.
> B-) I agree that I am a poor diluted fool (even
> though I'll have to look up
> what diluted means in this context... I'm too much
> used to chemistry). I
> just think "they" might like the publicity effect of
> "look, we've got a
> real, famous dino researcher who makes sure that our
> dinos are correct", and
> might perhaps even go to some lengths to keep that
> effect. Maybe they would
> like to make even more publicity out of their
> generosity...
> "The optimist believes that this is the best of all
> possible worlds. The
> pessimist knows it."
> -- forgot who, reported by HP Mike Taylor

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