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Re: T. rex (especially for Graeme)

A second apology to the rest of the list, but I cannot use any of the email addresses that Graeme sent me and the list of specimens he asks for are definitely within the bounds of what the list offers. Please, if you know I am wrong, or can add any information to what I have put, it would help a lot. All my direct messages to him bounce saying:

5.7.1 You are the lucky winner of a SPAM block.

It makes me say bad words.

At 02:15 AM 9/9/2002, you wrote:
You have a few that I didn't have, and if possible I would appreciate further details on them if you have them easily to hand (I'm looking for description, formation and location info primarily).
AMNH 3982 and 5029 (but don't worry too mauch with these, I can get the minimal details from the web site)

These are the type specimen for Manospondylus gigas from South Dakota and a braincase from a juvenile that was cut apart for the endocast study.

BMNH R7994 (I initially thought the 7995 that I have may have been a typo but the details are quite different as well, so probably 2 distinct specimens)

I wonder if this isn't just the cast of parts missing from 7995 to fill in, so they could mount a specimen. Does anybody else know?

LACM 23845
UCMP 137539

All are Hell Creek, and all but one are in the McCone county and Garfield County regions of Montana (near the Fort Peck Reservoir). Most of the rest is on my site.

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