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* 240-Million Year Old Protein Recreated * Asteroid Fueled Global Wildfires * Dinosaur discovery gives important clue on origin of flight - DINOSAURNEWS

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The headlines:

**  Dinosaur discovery gives important clue on origin of flight
The riddle of flight origin is onestep closer to be solved after Chinese
palaeontologists recently discovered an arboreal dinosaur fossil

**  Giant Prints Show Ancient Life on Remote Scots Isle
The tiny Scottish island of Skye may be remote and out of the way for
today's tourists, but 165 million years ago it seems to have been a pretty
busy place.  See the BBC video - Realplayer required.


**  Dino-Killing Asteroid Fuelled Global Wildfires
A new computer model lends further support to an idea that global wildfires
accompanied a devastating space-rock impact 65 million years ago that led to
the demise of dinosaurs.

**  240-Million Year Old Protein Recreated
University and Yale University recreated in the test tube a functional
pigment that would have characterized the eyes of archosaurs ("ruling
reptiles") and allowed these direct ancestors to dinosaurs to see in dim

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**  Feature Site - Big Chalk's Dinosaur section
An excellent reference section for K12 and above. Good site for homework and
project material. Educational network site

**  Bones find permanent home
New Zealand's biggest dinosaur fossil - an 8m long Shag Point plesiosaur -
will be on display in the Otago Museum

**  Regulation Set up to Protect Fossil Resources
Excavating fossils without palaeontologists permission or using fossils for
profit purpose will be taken net as illegal and those found doing so will be
fined up to 30,000 yuan

**  Ancient crocodile fossil discovered
The fossilised skull of a crocodilian type dinosaur, believed to be 100
billion years old, has been discovered in South Korea

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