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Re: Acracanthus

George Olshevksy (Dinogeorge@aol.com) wrote:

<Anybody out there know whether this name (or a similar one, such as 
Acrocanthus) might have been given to a fossil fish (by, say Agassiz) or 
other animal before 1950? I've searched with Google but keep pulling up
the dinosaur. If Acracanthus were preoccupied, it would explain why they
used Acrocanthosaurus in place of it when Stovall and Langston originally
described it.>

Langston, W.R., Jr. 1947. A new genus and species of Cretaceous theropod 
dinosaur from the Trinity of Atoka County, Oklahoma. _University of
Oklahoma_ unpublished M.S. thesis, 73pp.

  This is the only reference I get for the name, other than the Czaplewski
et al. cite indictating this was a name set aside for the publication with
Stovall. As happens, thesis names change for no apparent reason, and it is
just, apparently, a thesis name first published, as in "Megadontosaurus"
for *Microvenator* with *Deinonychus* teeth (="Daptosaurus") by reference.

Czaplewski, N.J.; Cifelli, D.L.; & Langston, W.R., Jr. 1994. Catalog of
type and figured fossil vertebrates. _Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.
Oklahoma Geological Survey Special Publication_ 94 (1): 1-35.

  My 0.02 cents


Jaime A. Headden

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