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DVPS Sept 26, 2002 Speaker Announcement: Michael Swanwick

(Please excuse any cross-posting and feel free to pass on the info)

The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society (aka “DVPS”)

In conjunction with their monthly meeting

Presents Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Writer:

Michael Swanwick

In a Lively Talk on His Paleo-Sci-Fi Novel:

“Bones of the Earth”

Michael Swanwick is one of the most prolific and popular science fiction
writers of his generation, and is the recipient of close to every major
award in his genre (the Hugo, Nebula, Theodore Sturgeon, and World Fantasy
Awards).  Two years ago "Scherzo with Tyrannosaur" won a Hugo award for best
short story. Now Mr. Swanwick will speak on the recently-published novel
inspired by that work, “Bones of the Earth”, a book which, in the words of
Richard Horton, “combines several well-integrated (and rather original)
SFnal ideas with some neat scientific speculation, interesting characters, a
compelling plot, and a powerfully argued theme about the nature of science
and the human urge to do science."

Date:    Thursday, September 26, 2002

Time:    7:30 P.M.

Place:   The Academy of Natural Sciences In Philadelphia, 19th Street and
Benjamin Franklin Parkway.   The Commons Room, 19th St. Entrance (Free and
open to the public.)

Q&A, Discussion, Books & Book Signing immediately following the talk

For further information contact DVPS Vice-President Patti Kane-Vanni at
pkv1@erols.com, or our website at www.DVPS.org

Patricia Kane-Vanni, Esq.
pkv1@erols.com  or  pkvanni@sas.upenn.edu