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Secondarily Flightless Question

I've got a question for those of you more familiar with avian phylogeny than
When running a cladogram (pretty extensive), do terror birds fall out as
birds? If so (and I imagine they do), do they all clump together (I think I
know the answer here too, but I'm not too sure)? How about ratites?
If this produces a phylogeny that shows "terror birds" are just flightless
birds, along with ratites, and they lost the ability to fly, why wouldn't
postulated neoflightless dinosaurs (dromeosaurs, enigmasaurs, etc.) show up
as neoflightless dinosaurs in large analyses? I mean, its argued that such
flight loss occurs so quickly, its not recorded in the fossil record, and
the descendents of such flightless birds are not interoperated
correctly...why does this only work for the animals at the base of aves, and
not more derived members of the clade? Maybe I'm not understanding something

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