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Re: Thoughts on the new Czerkas book (short)

> (incidentally, don't recall anyone ever coding "Character XXX: 0,
> non-volant; 1, volant" in a matrix!!).

However, I've seen arguably similar characters... like arms (0) shorter, (1)
longer than the legs... but they won't topple parsimony in most cases, of

> Omnivoropteryx: [...]
> Postcranium is similar to Sapeornis (for which, as they point out, the
> is not known).

A *Sapeornis* skull is, as I've mentioned onlist, being prepared or
described right now. All I know is that it isn't as long as a kingfisher's.

Regarding my previous post... just for the record: I didn't say Czerkas et
al. have interpreted *Cryptovolans* correctly (as a flier, that is). I
haven't even seen the book yet, let alone the fossil. :-)