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Re: Mass/length estimates

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Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2002 2:35 AM
Subject: Mass/length estimates

> Have any mass or length estimates been published for the following
> dinosaurs?
> _Pachyrhinosaurus_
> _Piveteausaurus_ (I know, this is asking a little much)
> _Pyroraptor_.

second left ungual phalanx: 66mm long - 18mm high - 7mm wide
second right phalanx of second digit: 23mm long - 8mm wide at proximal end -
6.2mm wide at distal end
second left metatarsal 118.7mm long - 16.6mm wide at proximal end - 12.7mm
wide at distal end
right ulna: 112.8mm long - 13.5mm wide (proximal) - 15mm wide (distal) -
5.5mm diameter (shaft)
anterior caudal centrum: 24mm long - 17mm wide (anteriorly) - 16mm wide

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