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Re: Mandarin Duck oviraptorids

> Okay,
> So... while we're waiting... how do you do characters like the double-dots
> over the "u" (sorry, I forgot what they are called)?

In the absence of a German keyboard (where ä, ö, ü are keys) or a French one
(where the double-dots alone are a key that can be used like an accent), and
if you have Windows, there's this little program called... called... don't
know what it's in English. :-] Character table or so maybe, its symbol is a
cube with a red and a blue character on it. In Win95/98, you get there by
clicking on Start, pointing at Programs, then... probably called
Accessories, then System Programs, and then you find it.
        Has lots of other interesting letters, too, including the ä for
Lagerstätte. :-)
        In German, the dots aren't called anything, you either call the
complete letters what they are pronounced, or "Umlaut a" and so on. ( = a
sound that has switched... like in man/men, goose/geese, mouse/mice...)
        BTW, it's necessary to make the ü dots in Lü because Lu also exists
and because for Chinese there's no such convention as for German where you
can write ae, oe, ue. (Which is suboptimal, too, because e. g. in some names
these spellings are real.)