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Re: Who says dromaeosaurs can't fly?

At 10:43 PM 12/09/02 -0400, GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
Steve may be polemical about it but so what, because he is correct that the
cladistic cult - in which a methodology that is a merely one of a set of
phylogenetic tools has widely been taken to be to the only legitimate means
of restoring phylogeney - has been dealt a grevious and well deserved blow.
It is now up to the cladists to try to explain how the methodology managed to
ignore or deny the excellent evidence for dinosaurian neoflightlessness for
two decades.

Umm - I still don't see this. All cladistics does is produce a phylogenetic tree based on coded characters. It says absolutely nothing about when, or how many times, flight evolved. I don't see why you need to change the cladistically-derived tree at all based on flight or non-flight, as long as you are willing to assume that flight evolved within the maniraptorian complex more than once, or that it evolved more basally on the tree and was lost several times in the various cladistic branches. Where is the contradiction?

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