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new book

Hey, for once I'm not plugging one of my Indiana University Press books.  
Here's something that I just came across:

J.B. Murphy, C. Ciofi, C. de al Panouse, and T. Walsh (eds.), 2002.  Komodo 
Dragons: Convservation and Biology.  Smithsonian Institution Press.

At first glance, the amount of new (post-Auffenberg) information about field 
biology is limited.  However, there are review chapters on biology, including a 
chapter with interesting new data on home range and core area size.  There is 
also a chapter about behavioral complexity and play.  In addition, there are 
chapters involving captives that provide info on microbial biology and growth 
rates in captivity.  Looks like there might be several things of interest to 
folks on this list.

So...anybody want me to review this book for a journal, so this cheapskate 
won't have to spring for a copy?

Jim Farlow

P.S.  And in case you just LOVE varanids (and who on this list doesn't), Eric 
Pianka is putting together a big book about extant varanid biology for IU 
Press.  (Couldn't resist a plug)