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Re: Pterosaur and bat wing shapes (was: feather symmmetry)

Ronald Orenstein wrote:

> I have always assumed that it was most unlikely that all pterosaur wing
> shapes were the same, any more than bat wing shapes are.  In fact, for
> niche separation in a pterosaur community it would be expected that
> wing-shape would vary, with long, narrow wings in some species

I agree, but wish to note that insofar as I know, no pterosaur membrane is
preserved where the trailing edge of the wing in the vicinity of the elbow is
located more than 40-50% of the length of the humerus behind the elbow.  This
has possible implications for structural loading patterns for that portion of
the membrane inboard of the elbow, for the pelvis and ileum, and for the
hip/thigh/knee/ankle connection as a varying fuselage fillet rather than as a
functional continuation of the wing membrane.  This was discussed at some
length at the Toulouse conference.