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RE: Who says dromaeosaurs can't fly?

Nick Pharris wrote:

> But I'm not sure I see your point--a nonbird theropod could have an
> effective leg length just as long as a secretary bird without having 
> such elongated lower limb elements, since the femur would contribute to 
> the effective leg length, unlike in modern birds.

Actually, that was my point.  :-)  This is what makes comparing the total
hindlimb lengths of non-bird theropods and birds such a complicated issue.

Luis Rey wrote:

> He got back a polite 'thank you' and didn't hear anything anymore. 
> It seems that 'peer reviewing' can be slightly misleading: In this 
> case,  it doesn't seem to mean any kind of technical 'approval'.  So 
> the fact that Dino Frey 'saw' the papers doesn't mean he considered the 
> publishable. 

Thanks for an illuminating post, Luis.  The described procedure does not,
even under the most elastic defnition, qualify as "peer review".