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Six Feathery Ponderings...

Okay, so this is a few questions (reply offlist if neccessary)...

1. Does anyone know the complete citation for HP Darren Naish's "Birds of a Feather"?

2. Does anyone know the complete citation for S. Czerkas' presentation at the Florida Dinosaur Bird Evolution Symposium?

3. Were the proceedings ever published from that symposium? I heard they were planning on doing so...

4. Xing Xu did a presentation at that same symposium about a new feathered juvenile maniraptoran. Was this ever published?

5. Which individuals were present in the American "Dream Team" that studied *Sinosauropteryx*? Which specimen was that anyway?

6. Speaking hypothetically, if *Archaeopteryx* and the dromaeosaurs formed a clade excluding other taxa, would this clade be Deinonychosauria or Archaeopterygiformes? And what would the sister group of birds to this clade be called? Avialae?

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