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Fwd: Re: Six Feathery Ponderings...

> 6. Speaking hypothetically, if *Archaeopteryx* and the dromaeosaurs formed a 
> clade excluding other taxa, would this clade be Deinonychosauria or 
> Archaeopterygiformes?  And what would the sister group of birds to this 
> clade be called? Avialae?

I don't think Archaeopterygiformes has ever been defined. _Deinonychosauria_
would be the name, since it has been defined as Clade(_Deinonychus_ <-
_Neornithes_) (which could be emended to comply with PhyloCode as Clade(_D.
antirrhopus_ <- _Vultur gryphus_)).

_Avialae_ has been defined three times, I think:
1) Clade(_Archaeopteryx_ + _Aves_ (sensu stricto - crown group)) (Many people
use _Aves_ for this clade now.)
2) Clade(_Neornithes_ <- _Deinonychus_), which would be the sister group, as
you say.
3) Clade(wings used for powered flight in _Vultur gryphus_) (If _Cryptovolans_
possessed this trait and, inherited it from an ancestor of _V. gryphus_, and
is deinonychosaurian, then _Deinonychosauria_ would be included under this
definition of _Avialae_. The sister clade would not have a name, unless you
use _Ornithurae_ sensu Gauthier 1986. _Pygostylia_ [node-defined] and
_Ornithurae_ sensu Gauthier & de Queiroz 2001 [apomorphy-defined] and
_Avebrevicauda_ [apomorphy-defined] come close, though.)

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