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Re: Sit-and-wait predation (was RE: the maniraptoran wrist)

Michael Skrepnick
Paleo Artist
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Subject: Re: Sit-and-wait predation (was RE: the maniraptoran wrist)

>          To be sure, IF one can be reasonably sure of endothermy.

*** In the ongoing life and death struggle ( herein) to gain and maintain
genetic and intellectual superiority, I'm willing to give the benefit of the

> genes, they are shocked to learn, are not on sale at major department

*** But, rumour has it, can still be had for a song in many retail discount
outlets and the seedier, underground blackmarket district (if you know where
to look). . . Ahhh, the unquenchable thirst to return to a "simpler" sort of
existence. . . life in a warm, muggy Paleozoic swamp, where catching the
next ripe insect and eating it ( a mundane pleasure in itself) outweighed
intricate analysis and philosophical dissection of its parts followed by
lively and unfettered, cryptic debate from the neighbouring bog inhabitants
over meaningful character assignment and phylogenetic disposition ( whilst
in the meantime, the intended meal crept away unnoticed).

Mike S.