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Dinosaur Genera List update #193

In DGL update #187 I reported the following:

[7] Omeisaurus new species-----------------------------------

A new species of the sauropod Omeisaurus is described in

Feng, T., Jin, X., Kang, X., & Zhang, G., 2001. "Omeisaurus maoianus: A
complete Sauropoda from Jingyan, Sichuan," Research Works of the Natural
Museum of Zhejiang, Beijing: China Ocean Press: 128 pp.

I have not yet seen this reference, either. So we add

O. maoianus Feng, Jin, Kang & Zhang, 2001

to the list of Omeisaurus species in the Asiatic dinosaurs section of the
second printing of Mesozoic Meanderings #3. All the Chinese sauropod species
need to be reexamined and revised, a difficult job indeed.


Well, thanks to Tracy Ford I now have a copy of this extensive reference. 
Feng is the first name, Tang is the surname, so the authors should read:

Tang F., Jin X., Kang X. & Zhang G. (for Tang Feng, Jin Xingsheng, Kang Ximin 
& Zhang Guojin).

I have added Omeisaurus maoianus to The Dinosaur Catalogue (forthcoming). 
Book is in Chinese w/ extensive English summary:

Omeisaurus maoianus Tang, Jin, Kang & Zhang, 2001
    Middle/Upper Jurassic > Callovian/Oxfordian > early Tuojiangian 
faunachron >
        lower part of Shangshaximiao Fm.
    Asia > China > Sichuan Basin > Sichuan Prov. > Jingyan Cty. > Yanjingzhen 
        hillside near Huangshikan
    ZNM N8510: Partial skeleton w/ nearly complete skull, including 3 
cervicals, 4 
        dorsals, 22 caudals, pelvic girdle, forelimbs, hindlimbs, 
metapodials, missing 
        pectoral girdle & some digits
    Hypodigm APK:90/75: Holotype skeleton only

The species epithet honors Prof. Mao Zhaoxi of Zhejiang University (the ZNM 
in the holotype cat. no. designates the Zhejiang Natural Museum), former 
director of the Cultural Bureau of Zhejiang Province and a supporter of the 
work on this specimen.

Nice pix throughout the book; skull is beautiful. It seems to be missing the 
parietals and some portions of the occiput. The skeleton has had missing 
parts restored and was mounted on display at the Zhejiang Natural Museum 
under supervision of Zhang Yihong.