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Re: Cryptovolans skeletal reconstruction (AKA Monty Pigdon's Flying Czerkas)

Aspidel wrote:

> > http://www.geocities.com/dannsdinosaurs/cryptovolans_skeleton.gif
> Ah... HP Luis Rey and me have drawn it with a much thinner muzzle, not so
> dromie-like, a bit like Archie's...

Since the skull was so badly crushed, I thought a Bambiraptor-like head
might be a good change of pace. Not for any reason, mind you, except
that the Bambiraptor skeletal mount looked a bit like the Cryptovolans
body as I had reconstructed it.

As an aside, I notice that the 95cm length estimate for Cryptovolans
seems to include about 20cm of tail feather. The skeleton itself is
closer to 75cm in length by my reckoning.


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