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One of our dinosaurs is about to go missing * It's the Little Asteroids that Get You * Dinosaurs grew horns to win mate * DINOSAURNEWS

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The headlines:

**  Dinosaurs 'grew horns to win mate'
The horns, frills, crests, plates, spikes and other striking features of
dinosaurs probably evolved to impress females

**  Rain threatens dinosaur tracks
While many in Southern Utah were relieved by the recent rainfall,
palaeontologists have worried about it damaging 225 newly found dinosaur
tracks stored in Hildale, which have been appraised at $1.5 million

**  One of our dinosaurs is about to go missing
A rare 195 million-year-old dinosaur fossil that geologists say is of vital
historical importance is to be sold for up to £100,000, possibly to foreign


**  Museum to celebrate important dates of its most famous resident
Carnegie Museum of Natural History is avoiding a fossil faux pas this
weekend by celebrating not the birth, but the discovery -- 100 years ago --
of its mounted skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex

**  It's the Little Asteroids that Get You
Forget about looking for the six-mile-across monster asteroids. A much
smaller one could trigger a nuclear incident

**  China Writes Major Chapter on World's Dinosaur Research
China has become a mecca for palaeontologists worldwide due to constant new
discoveries of ancient fossilized organisms

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**  Ferocious Feathered Dinosaurs Fly in to Sydney to Prove Dinosaurs Aren't
Four spectacular life-sized dinosaur reconstructions have arrived at the
Australian Museum, representing "missing links" between dinosaurs and
birds - smart-thinking, flesh-eating, feathered dinosaur

**  This Week's Feature Site
The Judith River Dinosaur Institute is dedicated to the responsible
preservation of our paleontological resources and works in association with
museums, universities, and private and public land management agencies to
identify, research, and protect these sites

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