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Re: Who says dromaeosaurs can't fly?

--- "James R. Cunningham" <jrccea@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Ronald Orenstein wrote:
> > At 10:01 AM 17/09/02 +0100, Michael Lovejoy wrote:
> > >the
> > >spray of feathers on the end of Cryptovolans' tail may well serve the same
> > >function as the diamond-shaped bit on Rhamphorynchus. Not sure what this 
> was
> > >used for, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't for anything terrestrial!
> Is the Cryptovolan's tail spray oriented vertically?  If not, then it likely
> did
> not serve the same aerodynamic function as the Ramphorynchus diamond. 

Since when is _Rhamphorhynchus_' tail "diamond" vertically oriented? Did I miss
something? All the illustrations I've seen show it flatted dorsoventrally, the
"wings" projecting laterally.

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