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Re: Iguanodon

In a message dated 9/17/02 8:02:05 AM EST, nicholas.oliver1@btopenworld.com 

<< Could somebody tell me what are the valid species of Iguanodon for the 
mainland U.K
 I . atherfieldensis and I .bernissartensis are both known from the Isle of 
Wight,   I.atherfieldensis is also known from the mainland, the famous 
"Mantel-piece" being a good example.
 Are I.hollingtonensis, I.dawsoni and I.fittoni valid taxa?
 Thanks for the help, Nick Oliver. >>

I haven't entered the locality info for these yet, but here are all the 
species ever referred to the genus Iguanodon (misspellings are labeled with 
[sic]). You can start with these:

    Iguanodon Mantell, 1825
Iguanodon albinus Fritsch, 1893 [nomen dubium]
    Nondinosaurian: Original name of Albisaurus albinus

Iguanodon angelicus Lessem & Glut, 1993 [sic]=
Iguanodon anglicum Holl, 1829 [formerly â]Â=
?Iguanodon anglicus Holl, 1829 emend. Bronn, 1850 [formerly â]
?Iguanodon atherfieldensis Hooley, 1925
Iguanodon bernissartensis Boulenger vide van Beneden, 1881â
Iguanodon boggii Glut, 1972 [sic]=
?Iguanodon dawsoni Lydekker, 1888
Iguanodon exogirarum Fritsch, 1878 [nomen dubium]Â=
Iguanodon exogirarus Brinkmann, 1988 [sic]=
Iguanodon exogyrarum Fritsch, 1878 emend. Chure & McIntosh, 1989 [nomen 
?Iguanodon fittoni Lydekker, 1889
Iguanodon foxi Lydekker, 1888 [sic]=
Iguanodon foxii (Huxley, 1869) Owen, 1873=
Iguanodon gracilis (Lydekker, 1888) Steel, 1969=
?Iguanodon hillii Newton, 1892
Iguanodon hoggi Olshevsky, 1978 [sic]=
?Iguanodon hoggii Owen, 1874
Iguanodon hollingtonensis Olshevsky, 1978 [sic]=
Iguanodon hollingtoniensis Lydekker, 1889=
Iguanodon lakotaensis Weishampel & Bjork, 1989
Iguanodon major (Owen, 1842) [nomen dubium]=
Iguanodon manteli Probst & Windolf, 1993 [sic]=
Iguanodon mantelii Probst & Windolf, 1993 [sic]=
Iguanodon mantelli von Meyer, 1832=
Iguanodon mantelli var. bernissartensis Nopcsa, 1915=
Iguanodon mantellii Mansel-Pleydell, 1888 [sic]=
Iguanodon mongolensis Whitfield, 1992 [nomen nudum]=
Iguanodon orientalis Rozhdestvensky, 1952
?Iguanodon ottingeri Galton & Jensen, 1979 (not 1978) [nomen dubium]
Iguanodon phillipsi Seeley, 1869 [nomen dubium]=
Iguanodon phillipsii Seeley, 1875 [sic]=
Iguanodon praecursor Sauvage, 1876=
Iguanodon precursor Sauvage, 1895 [sic]=
Iguanodon prestwichi Lydekker, 1888 [sic]=
Iguanodon prestwichii Hulke, 1880=
Iguanodon prestwichii Sauvage, 1897â98 non Hulke, 1880=
Iguanodon seeleyi Moseley, 1883 [sic]=
Iguanodon seelyi Hulke, 1882=
Iguanodon suessii Bunzel, 1871=
Iguanodon valdensis (Lydekker, 1889) van den Broeck, 1900 [nomen dubium]=