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RE: Who says dromaeosaurs can't fly?

Ronald Orenstein wrote: "all extant birds have a pygostyle NO extant bird
has a long tail with a tuft on the end."

Actually I didn't say extant birds had LONG tails with a spray of feathers,
just that they had tails. Are you suggesting that the pygostyle didn't
evolve from a long tail?

Ronald Orenstein also asked: "How can you be sure that it didn't serve a
display function, either in addition to or instead of an aerodnamic one?"

It just seems weird to put a display structure right out there where it
would also have an aerodynamic effect, unless as you say, it was both for
display and aerodynamics.
As an aside, has anyone done any work on what effect such a structure might
have on flight?

Michael Lovejoy