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RE: Who says dromaeosaurs can't fly?

At 11:41 PM 17/09/02 +0100, Michael Lovejoy wrote:
It just seems weird to put a display structure right out there where it
would also have an aerodynamic effect, unless as you say, it was both for
display and aerodynamics.

Well, lots of living birds do exactly that. Think of all the birds with conspicuous wing and/or tail patterns, some of which are often most visible in flight or on landing (the contrasting white outer tail feathers of many songbirds, the "flash-pattern" wings of the sunbittern, the extraordinary tail plumes of many species of birds of paradise (not the trains of peacocks and quetzals, of course, which do not involve the tail), and the even more extraordinary display feathers on the wings of Standard-winged and Pennant-winged Nightjars (not to mention the sound-producing wing feathers of birds like the Club-winged Manakin or the African Broadbill.

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