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Re: Who says hoazin dinosaurs cannot think, fly, and climb?

> Opisthocomus hoazin -- a member of the Musophagidae,
> the turaco theropods --

Wow! At last a home for them! :-)

> manal

Manual. As in the manual = handbook of your computer.

> [...] the nestlings of both use wings + the
> unguals of their first two manal digits for climbing,
> and the growth of outer primaries is, in fact, delayed
> while the nestlings mature.

Young turacos have wing claws, too?!?

Are turacos still cuckoos (Cuculiformes), or have they been moved away?
Cuckoos (Cuculidae) have zygodactyl feet, turacos likewise, the hoatzin
doesn't, it's anisodactyl, and a reversal seems improbable to me...