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Re: Incisivosaurus gauthieri

Overwhelming!!! :-o

No mention of the quadrate head in the paper, let alone the trigeminal
No trace of the kinetics that Barsbold suggested in 1977 for oviraptorids
(I'm translating that paper... slowly, I have to look up every 2nd or 3rd
word, and Barsbold has a good style; fortunately my dictionary is pretty
Supplementary information of the type I like it. :-) Once the pic with the
detailed cladogram is inflated to several times original size and seen in
normal view (as opposed to layout view), it reveals that the following
characters come out as synapomorphies for Avialae = *Archaeopteryx* +
*Confuciusornis* + *Rahonavis*:

109 (1) Scapula and coracoid fused. Ambiguous.
        They leave out the shoulder girdle and wings of *Rahonavis*.
169 (1) Metatarsal I attaches to posterior surface of distal quarter of
metatarsal II. Unambigous.
        Nothing I could say against it. Inclusion of
*Scansoriopteryx*/*Epidendrosaurus* might make it ambiguous, though.
190 (1) Humerus longer than scapula. Ambiguous (also autapomorphy of
        Classic flight-related respectively "neoflightless character". May
yet turn out to be a symplesiomorphy...
191 (1) Preacetabular portion of ilium more than 2/3 of total ilium length.
Ambiguous (also autapomorphy of the dromaeosaurid *Unenlagia*).
        Not present in *Sapeornis*... Unknown in *Yandangornis*.
204 (1) Pubic apron less than 1/3 of shaft length. Ambiguous, but don't ask
me why, it's not mentioned for the alvarezsaurs, and I can't find it

It's interesting that *Confuciusornis* doesn't reverse any of the 15
synapomorphies of Eumaniraptora, even though it has no less than 22
autapomorphies (2 of them unambiguous, though), at least 5 of which are
reversals. Neither does *Rahonavis*, and *Archaeopteryx* only reverses 166,
it loses the ginglymoid distal end of mt III.

Well, let's W4MA. :-)