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Re: Dinos galore in JVP 22(3)!!

Rob Gay wrote-

> What other Sinemurian/Pliensbachian tetanurans are out there besides
> Cryolophosaurus and possibly "D." sinensis?

Personally, I think Cryolophosaurus is a ceratosaur-grade theropod, not a
tetanurine.  Sereno et al.'s supporting characters are few, and the taxon
comes out in a polytomy with Dilophosaurus and neotheropods when added to
Rauhut's (2000) matrix.  Similarly, "Dilophosaurus" sinensis comes out as a
neotheropod of uncertain affinities, so is not necessarily tetanurine
either.  In any case, reported tetanurines from the Early Jurassic or
earlier are-

"Saltriosaurus" Dalla Vecchia 2001
Early Jurassic
Reference- Dalla Vecchia, F. M., 2001. "A New Theropod Dinosaur from the
Lower Jurassic of Italy," Dino Press 3: 81-87.

Norian, Late Triassic
Los Colorados Formation, Argentina
Material- (3-4 m) skull (450 mm), lower jaws, cervical vertebrae, dorsal
vertebrae, ilium, distal tibia, distal fibula, astragalus, calcaneum
References- Arcucci and Coria, 1997. First record of Theropoda (Dinosauria -
Saurischia) from the Los Colorados Formation (Upper Triassic, La Rioja,
Argentina). Ameghiniana 34(4) 531.
Arcucci and Coria, 1998. Skull features of a new primitive theropod from
Argentina. JVP 18(3) 24A-25A.

Eshanosaurus Xu, Zhao and Clark 2001
E. deguchiianus Xu, Zhao and Clark 2001
Hettangian-Pliensbachian, Early Jurassic
Lower Lufeng Formation, Yunnan, China
material- (IVPP V11579) (mandible ~170 mm) dentary, partial splenial

undescribed Dromaeosaurid? (Ford on DML)
Early Jurassic
Hanson Formation, Antarctica
Material- teeth

Of course, "Saltriosaurus" is undescribed and so far lacks compelling
evidence of tetanurine affinity, "Zupaysaurus'" tetanurine identity comes
from a good source but is also not proven by described accounts,
Eshanosaurus may be sauropodomorph, and the Antarctican dromaeosaurid teeth
are both unpublished and only referred tentatively by Ford.  So there are no
well-supported tetanurines from earlier than the Middle Jurassic.

Mickey Mortimer