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Re: Incisivosaurus gauthieri images

Dear Nick:

This is not surprising, as the featured cladogram and text place
_Incisivosaurus_ -- the most basal oviraptorosaur -- as being more closely
related to _Caudipteryx_ than to any other well preserved theropod.  The
restoration seems like a reasonable tentative guess to me, but, given the
absence of postcrania, this is only a guess, and future discoveries could
prove it to be way off.  Given the cranial differences between the two
taxa, major discrepancies between their postcrania wouldn't be unexpected.

If everything but the cranium had been discovered, no one could have
predicted the unprecedented skull morphology -- that's for sure.

-------Ralph W. Miller III

"Curiouser and curiouser."

Nick Gardner wrote:

> Ralph Miller wrote-
> >See a restoration by Portia Sloan at <www.msnbc.com/news/809585.asp>.
> >Note: the postcranial anatomy is speculative, as the fossil only
> >preserves a partial cervical vertebra postcranially.  As with
> >_Sinovenator_ (from the same strata), this fossil does not preserve
> >integumentary features.
> >
> Looks like it was heavily based off of *Caudipteryx*.
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