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Re: Feeding Adaptations of Incisivosaurus gauthieri

From: "Jaime A. Headden">

> rather, they are shearing, with low angle wear facets, though the rostral
> crowns were not used in such a manner; likely, the incisiform first two
> teeth interacted with a dentary rhamphotheca, and the premaxillary "beak"
> was reduced and not elaborately developed. This suggests that the animal
> was a cropping browser, probably on soft plants based on the absence of
> enlarged crowns, though do not hold me on that. The premaxillary teeth may
> have functioned as sagittal shears, cutting backward, while the
> maxillo-dentary sets were vertical shears, and the premaxillary
> incisiforms were initial croppers.

I got another idea: one has to see if _Incisivosaurus_ teeth were robust
enough and if their disposition made this possible.

I'd imagine it feeding on conifer seeds, by cutting the cone scales, a bit
like a squirrel.

Friendly - Aspidel.