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New chinese cretaceous bird species.

A few weeks ago three "new" bird species from Liaoning were mentioned in
this list:

Cathayornis aberransis, Jinzhouornis yixianensis and Jinzhouornis

I have now found out where these were originally published:

Hou, L.-H., Zhou, Z., Zhang, F. & Gu, Y. 2002. Mesozoic birds from western
Liaoning in China. ISBN 7-5381-3392-5. 120 pp.

Unfortunately the book is in Chinese (which I can only read enough of to
know which toilet to use), with only a very brief english summary so I
can't add much information. However Hou et al. consider Caudipteryx and
Protarchaeopteryx as probably secondarily flightless and suggest that the
diversity of the Chinese early Cretaceous avifaunas suggest a long history
for birds pre-Archaeopteryx. They are also very non-committal on the status
and systematic position of Sinosauropteryx, so on the whole they seem to
lean towards the BAND viewpoint.

Tommy Tyrberg