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Re: Kong/Tyrannosaurus

Richard W Travsky <rtravsky@uwyo.edu> wrote:
>In Goldner and Turner's "The Making Of King Kong", chapter 10 sez that
>a pair of pliers was left in camera during one of the animated scenes.

From a Google search, a cached page from 1980 from the
Science Fiction Lover's mailing list:

    "One of my favorite blooper stories is the one about the rare
"Pliersaurus" beast that made it into the original King Kong film.
   As the story goes, one day when Willis O'Brien was in the midst of
shooting a long stop-action sequence in Skull Island, he realized to
his horror that he had left apair of pliers on the miniature. just
visible, tho out of focus, near the adge of the frame. Rather than
junk the shot and the hours of work which had gone into it already, he
carefully animated the pliers, frame by frame, so that they slithered
out of the picture like some prehistoric snake."

- John