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Re: Peter Jackson's Kong

Carnotaurus and Utahraptor?
Don't get me wrong, love 'em!  But with so many great dinosaurs to choose
from, I wish filmmakers could dig a little deeper and use some different
theropods that never get a chance on the big screen. And at least do some
research into the paleo-fauna for the right geological regions they are
trying to portray.
Well, it's just an early script! We can always hope!
Should be fun anyway.

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> > I've never seen a dentary on a Tyrannosaur like that! I hope they do a
> > little more research before finalizing some of their concept design. :)
> Perusing the script, I find no mention of Tyrannosaurus.  Allosaurus,
> Carnotaurus, and Utahraptor, yes.  No tyrannosaurs.
> Not that the dentary would work for any of the creatures they DID mention,
> though...
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