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RE: Dinos galore in JVP 22(3)!!

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

> Personally, I think Cryolophosaurus is a ceratosaur-grade theropod, not
> a tetanurine.  

Is the association of the _Cryolophosaurus_ type material settled yet?  I
know doubts have been expressed regarding (a) whether all the theropod
material belongs to _Cryo_ and (b) whether the "prosauropod" material from
the same horizon actually belongs to _Cryo_.

> So there are no well-supported tetanurines from earlier than the Middle 
> Jurassic.

There's _"Megalosaurus"_ (_Zanclodon_) cambrensis_, known from the imprint
of a dentary.  I think some folks in Britain think this Late Triassic
critter could be a dilophosaur, rather than a megalosaurid.

BTW, I see in the JVP _Masiakasaurus_ paper that _Lametasaurus_ is listed as
an abelisaurid.  That's the first time I've seen that assignment mentioned
in print.