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Re: Kong/Tyrannosaur

Bravo, Stephan.  A wonderful account. Good luck to Peter Jackson, too.
Actually, I'm a big Jackson fan from way back, on account of Meet the
Feables.  XXX Muppets.  Very funny.  Now, a Feables x Kong, that would be

>As requested, here is Mister Pickering's original post he sent me about
>Jackson's Kong remake. It's a shame Tri-Star/Sony didn't tap him to remake
>Godzilla in 1998, we may have ended up with something closer to the nuclear
>horror of the Japanese original instead of an overgrown iguana...
>In a message dated 9/20/02 6:33:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>stefanpickering2002@yahoo.com writes:
>> RESPONSE: for the sake of accuracy, one should point
>> out that the Fran Walsh/Peter Jackson 1996, 107 page
>> screenplay is a veritable tour-de-force,  capturing
>> the nuances of the film OBie/Spivack/Delgado wanted to