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Re: Spinosaurid Synonymy

Mike Keesey (mightyodinn@yahoo.com) wrote:

<So do they have _Baryonyx tenerensis_, or do they consider _tenerensis_ a
synonym of _walkeri_?
That would certainly seem to do it for _Cristatusaurus_.>

  The authors do the following: agree with Charig and Milner, 1997, in
that *Cristatusaurus* represents a nearly identical morphology to England
*Baryonyx*, so that it is essentially *B.* ps. or *B. walkeri*. They
consider *Suchomimus* a species of *B.*, *B. tenerensis*. They alos lament
on the lack of access (cast or institutional) to *Angaturama* but pretty
much conclude that *A.* is the same as *I.*, but does not pertain to the
same specimen. They were also able to locate the approximate locality for
*I.*, Buxexé near the Chapada do Cairiri, by Dave Martill showing a photo
of the unprepared skull to various local collectors. It would be nice to
find the rest of the specimen, but thanksully nothing more irritating
about *Irritator* has been discovered ... except limitation to access to


Jaime A. Headden

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