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Terramegathermy, migrations, Elephants

Here is something interesting......... Animal Planet has given new life to 
"Mutual of Omaha's World Kingdom" This and Cousteau were my favorite shows 
growing up... I watched them more than I watched cartoons. Funny thing is... I 
think I now watch more cartoons... Anyway... Tonight's show was the "Lost 
Elephants of Timbuktu". Though I couldn't agree more with terramegathermy, I 
just would like to add another point of evidence in favor of it, for which I 
learned on this show tonight. (Mr. Paul spoke about elphants in deserts in his 
paper, so this is kinda old hat.) Apparently, these particular elephants not 
only live in deserts where no other large animals live... but they travel a 
yearly migration of roughly 700 miles following the rains... It's actually 
still a mystery as to how these huge animals survive in such harsh, barren 
conditions. It is also the largest elephant migration known. I don't think I 
need to say what this implies for dinosaurs. :-) 

Just thought I'd share that with ya.