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Calvin & Hobbes

Approaching is the 7th year anniversary when Calvin
and Hobbes, and the dinosaurs in his house, and the
sense-of-wonder, left. Surely, someone, somewhere, has
contact with their artist "father", who could,
perhaps, do one group of panels, letting those of us
in the Imagi-Nation know that Calvin still has his
dinosaur toys, that Hobbes, like Ian Malcolm and Mr
Spock, have been contemplating the mysteries of
realities, of the levels of natural selections. I
have, before me, the last newspaper appearance of
those wonderful companions...treasured because it is a
reminder that ethics and mythologies and moralities do
have a place, even on the Dinosaur Mailing List. More
often than not, many of us studying the beautiful
beasts are linked by non-paleo iconographies, e.g.,
Rod Serling, Earl Hamner, the "Wonder Years", Calvin &
Hobbes, among many others besides Charles R. Knight,
Ray Harryhausen, OBie,Marcel Delgado, Max Steiner,Ray
Bradbury, Ned Colbert, Phil Tippett, et al. We carry
within us the sense-of-wonder.
There is, I think, more to dinosaur science than
keeping the "science" somehow "pure". Dinosaur
science, believe it or not, has a social contextuality
within the studies of macroevolutionary processes,
bifurcation theories, fast-slow dynamical systems,
models of biomechanical locomotion,theropod histology,
When I was a little boy, Willis O'Brien -- I had no
idea who he was, other than my father liked to bet
horses with him -- gave me a copy of "Valley of the
Mists" -- when I told him I had just read ACD's "The
Lost World" (I still have the green-bound hard-back
copy printed in the 1940s) and asked him if he liked
dinosaurs. He was a kind, sad, gentle soul -- broken
by Horrorwood, but still dreaming. I had no idea who
he was, no idea of what he had created 1925-1933 would
forever change my life. I never had the opportunity to
thank him for letting me hear the voices of the
We are all dreaming still. Calvin & Hobbes dreamed,
too. And I think we should collectively send an email
to their "father", and say "thanks".

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