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Re: FEVA (Flight Evolved Via Aerobics!)

> Okay, this is one of those 3 A.M., made-sense-at-the-time, type ideas, so
> bear with me.
> We've had the flight stroke explained as a predatory strike, a swimming
> movement and lots more besides. But what nobody has been mad enough yet to
> suggest is that it was a requirement of the theropod respiratory system.
> The main thing all (more or less!) theropods and birds have in common is the
> furcula. According to Jenkins, Dial and Goslow, 1988 the furcula forms an
> integral part of the avian respiratory system. Very simply put, flapping the
> arms alters the shape of the furcula, and the rest of the thorax, then it
> springs back at virtually no metabolic cost. This acts as a pump to force
> air through the birds' fairly rigid lungs and air sac system. It provides a
> cheap and easy way of aerobically fuelling high-cost activities, and offers
> temperature control benefits. This is a serious metabolic edge during
> strenuous activity, but it only works if you flap.

Ok, have a question. Not strictly dinosaur related, but how does this apply
to rattites?