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Re: Just a little nitpicking + FEVA

> No, dinosauriorum is correct afaik. Dinosauria is treated as a plural, so
> use the plural genitive ending.

Apparently it is correct, but that depends on whether the singular is
dinosaurium or dinosaure. :-)

> I had essentially two choices: Dinosaurium
> Catalogus or Catalogus Dinosauriorum, which translate as Dinosaur
> and Catalogue of the Dinosaurs, respectively.

No, they'd translate as the same if both endings were correct. Word order is
completely irrelevant in Latin (because everything has endings you don't
need it for grammar like in English or Chinese); an adjective for dinosaur
catalogue might end in -icus...

> I've seen it spelled any number of ways in the literature. It's spelled
> Monggol in Spencer Lucas's book on Chinese fossil vertebrates, for

That's to get the original Mongolian pronunciation back, to make it easier
to understand for Westerners. (But then nei is never Mongolian.)

> I'll find some reasonable way to spell it and then make sure the entries
> the catalogue are consistent. Maybe take a vote or something: Which
> should I use?
> Nei Menggu

This, or just Inner Mongolia, but that's longer. :-)


FEVA could have been a good idea if the first wishbones were as flexible as
that of living birds. I can't imagine those of *Archaeopteryx* or
*Confuciusornis* or *Oviraptor* www.dinosauria.com/jdp/archie/furcula.html